Krater was founded by Absum and Abortio to create furious Black-Metal!

Release of the 1st Demo "Stolz schürt uns're Kraft".
Shardik joining the horde.

Dorn joined the horde as a live member, but recorded also the first album.
First Concerts in Germany with Blodsrit, Total Hate...
Release of the 2nd Demo "Des Winters weiße Reinheit".
Release of the Silberbach/Krater Split-EP through Christhunt Prod.

Release of the debut album "Das Relikt des Triumphes" on CD through Christhunt Prod.
More concerts/festivals in Germany with Kriegsmaschine, Vitsaus, Holmgang...

Absum and Dorn left the band.
Lupus and Ibbur joined the horde.
Concerts/festivals with Setherial, Corpus Christii, Morrigan, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult...

Release of the Krater/Lathspell Split-EP through Obscure Abhorrence Prod.
Concerts/festivals in Germany with Vargsang, Dusken...

Re-Release of the debut album "Das Relikt des Triumphes" on Double-LP through Diaphora Prod.

Release of the 2nd album "NOCEBO" through Eternity Records as Digi-CD followed by overwhelming reviews.
Concerts/festivals with Inquisition, Revenge, The Stone, TotalSelfHatred...

Release of the 2nd album "NOCEBO" as noble LP on Eternity Records
Concerts/festivals with Destruction, Horna, Ascension, Deströyer666, Forgotten Tomb, Eternity, Urfaust, Aosoth...
Start of the recording for the third record...

Tour with Endezzma through Germany and the Netherlands.
Concerts/festivals with Negura Bunget, Inquisition, Angantyr, Hellish Crossfire...
Recording the 3rd album "URERE"...

Mixing the 3rd album "URERE"...
Tour through Germany and the Netherlands.
Concerts/festivals with Enslaved, Suicidal Angels, Valkyrja, Kjeld...

...Mixing and mastering the 3rd album "URERE"...
Concerts/festivals with Glorior Belli
Lupus leaves Krater after 8 years.

Release of the 3rd album "URERE" via Eisenwald as CD, Digital, LP(Eisenwald/Eternity).
3E.3 joins Krater as new guitarist
Concerts/festivals with Necrophobic, Fleshcrawl, Caronte, IXXI
Release of the 2nd album "NOCEBO" via Worship Tapes as MC.

Concerts/festivals (Party San Open Air, In Flammen Open Air, De Mortem et Diabolum...) with Marduk, Possessed, Autopsy, Nifelheim, The Ruins of Beverast, Batushka...
Songwriting for the 4th full length.
Z.K. joins Krater as new live guitarist

Recording, mixing, mastering of th 4th album "VENENARE".
Concerts/festivals (Dark Troll, Boarstream, Rock for Roots...) with Sinister, Asphyx, Dark Fortress, Ereb Altor, Uada, Ultha, Azarath...

Release of the 4th album "VENENARE" via Eisenwald as LP, CD, MC, digital.
Concerts/festivals (Throne Fest - Belgium, Under the black sun,...) with Satyricon, Watain, Belphegor, Taake, Nocturnal Breed, Heretoir...

Abortio Shardik
Bass, Voice Drums

3E.3 Ibbur
Guitar Guitar


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