Interview 2016 - occult Black Metal Zine


1.Can you give us an update on what has been going on with the band since the recording and release of the new album?

While we write these answers there is one week to go until we will release our new record “Urere”.
Krater gone through a lot of changes since the recordings, that took place during 2013 and 2015. We played a lot of gigs and toured with Endezzma, Total Hate and Thornesbreed. We have also signed a record deal with Eisenwald. In the recent past our guitarist Lupus left the band and was already replaced by an old friend of ours.

2. You have a new album coming out in February, how would you describe the musical sound that is presented on the recording and also how does it differ from the stuff you have released in the past?

With our last record “Nocebo” (2011) we have completely changed our sounds from the ground up.
You can hear the difference through the years from release to release. Influences have changed and so has the musical taste in general.
With “Nocebo” we tried to make a honest and aggressive record, in which we have absolutely succeeded.
With a similar approach as "Urere," we took a similar attitude in making it extreme, but this time with even more intensity.
Moreover we recorded the last two records on our own. Failures were made during the recording process of “Nocebo”.
We learned from that whole process, and that’s where “Urere” shines by comparison.

4.While the music on the new album is still very much rooted in black metal, you can also hear the influence of doom and death metal, what was the decision behind going into this musical direction?

We don’t follow a strict line. One motive always was to create something dark and aggressive. Since “Nocebo” our material became faster and more aggressive. We emphasized that on “Urere."
We try to let our intention speak. When creativity flows we capture it and keep the ideas over a certain time, expand them or let them go. But it’s always the first spark that counts. That spark still has to be there when it comes to recording stuff. Regardless if the idea exists only hours or years. The first song on our new record was written back in 2010 I think.

5.What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects the band explores with the newer release?

We try to bring our personal thoughts to paper. Sometimes you have no influence if they are sorted or not. So its up to every listener if they understand. If he made the same experiences we did, possibly then. It is a kind of presence that you try to give a voice with the combination of the music and lyrics.
You have to exploit the meaning of the lyrics for your own. If you can connect to the lyrics on a personal level than that’s a real artistic endeavor that has been undertaken.

6.On the new album you had a song entitled 'Vexillum Luciferi', can you tell us a little bit more about your interest in Luciferianism and Occultism?

When you read the lyrics of 'Vexillum Luciferi' you should recognize that this song is not only interspersed with occult motives.
Generally particular writings have no influences on us and we would never use already formulated doctrines. But you can use them to get the inspiration to form a personal path.

7.What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name 'Krater', and also are you aware of the many other bands that have used the same name?

Back in 2004 we choose the name referring to a part of a forest we frequented daily. That place looked like a crater which is Krater in german. There was a special kind of energy there. And we experienced some things we cannot clearly define.
Also Krater is a very strong word. It’s the ultimate place when it comes to destroy and purge. The Chicxulub-crater in Yucatán with a diameter of 200 km is the result of of a meteorite impact and is the monumental contemporary witness of the annihilation of the dinosaurs.
Also volcano craters can extinguish whole cities in just one moment.
Also you can see it as a place of resurrection. Something you have to go through due to all the chaos and annihilation to become strengthened yourself.
When we started the band back in 2004 we could find no other band with that name through the internet.

8.What are some of the best shows that the band has played over the years and also how would you describe your stage performance?

It is kind of hard for us to put a value on concerts. The time you stand out there on the stage is fleeting and there are only a few moments you realize what you are doing.
The most of the time you put yourself into your own world and you see through the images you had when you were writing the songs. So its almost impossible to comment on your own concerts.
Maybe you get an own impression when you search to pictures of our past concerts you can find all over the internet.

9.Do you have any touring or show plans once the new album is released?

There are some local concerts planed in 2016. Also we will enter the stage at Phantoms of Pilsen which will take place in October in the Czech Republic.
You can find all dates on
Since we have a new strong lineup in 2016, we want to play more show in the next years.

10. On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your newer music by fans of black metal?

Nocebo got overwhelmingly positive critiques back in 2011. Some magazines said it was the black metal record of the year for them.
We previewed two new songs of “Urere” in early 2016 that were also recognized with high interest.

11. Are any of the band members currently involved with any other bands or musical projects these days?

Every member is involved in other projects. They don’t play any role in the context of Krater.

12.Where do you see the band heading into musically during the future?

Krater has developed in a more clear direction with the last album. So the main concept will be aggressive and furious Black Metal. With our new guitarist there will also be new influences. We will see where this leads us.

13.What are some of the bands or musical styles that have had an influence on your newer music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

We cannot name that single musical influence from the last years because we don't concentrate that much on other bands or try to copy them.
We are all shaped by the bands that were our first contact through extreme metal.
So we also hear extreme metal nowadays, and other musical genres are also acknowledged by the band.
Every member has his own preferences. Sometimes they coincide. Our record collections exist of records from the 50s to present releases. From Archgoat to Zeppelin.

14. Before we wrap up this interview, do you have nay final words or thoughts?

On 26 of February we release our third full length record „URERE“ through Eisenwald. URERE (lat.) means „burning“. A blazing torch that starts as a smoldering ember and ends in a raging fire taking everything away. The honest fury that becomes an inner madness, burning you from inside. That’s what the lyrics and the musical directions means to us.
Organizers and promoters that want to book us can contact us through
Also we will release our second record “Nocebo” on tape in 2016.


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