1. Whats Krater's purpose? Is there an inner meaning in your songs that
you want your listeners to find out?

There are deeper meanings behind the songs and the lyrics.
Some lyrics are very straight and others more obscure.
But the listener also has to find his own meaning for the songs.

2. What is Krater - i mean the meaning behind the word?

We choose the name in the time when we did write the songs for our Demo “Stolz…”
In this time we were nearly the hole day at a mysterious place in a wood near our hometown.
And this place looks like a Crater. In German Krater.
It will always be a place for intensive inspirations for us.

3. I have noticed that black metal is getting more and more popular and
with that it becomes more commercial. Young people who have no idea about
the real black metal, wear corpse-paint, but don’t even know the real
meaning of it. You say that you try to make old-school black metal..is
there a possibility that you want to show to people somehow that the real
black metal spirit is still alive and not forgotten?

These are pretty strange time. Some stupid people think BM needs shit like Keyboards and an Orchestra.
The black metal spirit will always be alive but only there where it belongs. In the underground!
I have no interesting to show little wimps what black metal is all about. They should die stupid.
There is a little group of people who can understand black metal and the feeling behind it and the others won’t simply like our music.

4. How do you see black metal in the future (maybe after 10-30 years)?
Black metal scene full of Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth(the last one
Isn’t actually even black metal) wannabees?

That’s a real interesting question! It depends on the Medias and Bands. I think there will never be times like the early ‘90s. BM or what is labelled like that is now a general genre in metal. It will stay in the Metalmainstream like Thrash or Death. But like in this genres there are bands/labels/mags which care about the true spirit.

5. Like i know you have your first gig on 15.04.05, when you support
Nachtfalke. What are your ideas and thoughts about the coming gig. I
guess the first gig has a pretty important meaning. Do you think the
audience will like you and your music performed live?

The gig is now on 16.04.
We don’t want to play so often so I want it to be a fucking great black metal concert.
Fire, Blood and a banging crowd which will go insane.
We will play some tracks from our Demo an some new songs from the upcoming Album.
The old songs much faster as on the demo and the new songs are more aggressive and complex.

6. Next I will list 3 band names and i want you to writhe what do these
band mean to you and is there some connection with your and their music?
1)Taake 2)Darkthrone 3)Vargsang?

All three are good bands.
Darkthrone was one of the first bands which took me down to the abyss of black metal 12years ago.
Some people did compare the songs of our demo with Darkthrone, Vargsang and these people now compare our new songs with Taake and old Immortal.

7. Most bands start their "world conquest" by releasing a demo or a promo
and after that they decide to release a full album. But you started by
releasing a full album. Why is it so - just wanted to skip the usual path?

This “album” is our demo!
We recorded it by ourselves. Did all the artwork, did realize the production and did distribute it by ourselves.

8. You released your first album last year and it was limited to 300
copies. How has the reaction been to "Stolz schürt uns're Kraft"?

The most reactions were positive and there are only a few copies left.
We didn’t expect that the reactions would be such great but it seems that some people around the globe can identify themselves with the demo.

9. I have listened your first album for quite many times and I think that
the song "Ein Gnadenschuss der Menschenbrut" is the greatest one on the
album. Can you describe the song and also explicate the lyrics?

That is a song which is more straight forward. The lyrics are about and against the incompetent humanity.
It is just pure hate.

10. Why did you choose to put your 8 songs on the "Stolz schürt uns're
Kraft" in that exact order? The first song has a pretty lousy production
- just like recorded in a big hall. Some lack of power in that song. Why
did you choose to put that song as a first song?

Because it was the first song we wrote and the lyrics and title fitted to be the first.
At the first 2recordings we had to deal with other equipment so the sound was a little bit different.

11. Most black metal bands write their lyrics about Satanism and
blasphemy, but yours are about misanthropy. Why is it so?

Isn’t it a little bit blasphemy to write against “gods biggest creation”? If you want to see it like that.
But I don’t want to write lyrics like “…Satan my master, I will kill in your name…” I’m my own master(uh isn’t that also Satanism?)
This would be to boring for me. I prefer more deeper and personal meanings.

12. When described Krater with other underground black metal bands, then
the first thing I heard is that you have pretty clear vocals - I could
almost understand every word. Do you think its a bonus to a black metal
band or not? - some people regard black metal as a style with lousy
production and not so clear vocals that are very hard to understand.

Most bands where you can’t understand a word have silly lyrics.
When I finish a song with my lyrics I’m proud of them and I want that the people will recognize them!
We also didn’t use any effects on the vocals like nearly every band.

13. Could you name some black metal bands (and also explain your choice)
that are active at the moment and you think every real black metal
listener should really listen?

I hate to list bands for the unknown people in the scene. Every “real” black metal listener will find the right bands if he is really interested and wants to know what is going on in the underground.

14. Do you know anything about Estonian metal scene?

I know Hexenreich Records and some bands like Loits, Kalm, Assamalla, Realm of Carnivora…
But I don’t have deep contacts to the Estonian scene so far.

15. Can you reveal something of Krater's near future?

At first we will play the show with Nachtfalke.
After that we will record a new 3-Track Demo which will also be released as a tape-version limited to 55pieces for the real freaks.
Maybe a German label will release “Stolz..” on LP in the next time.
And we are also planning a Split.

With “Ishjerte”, Absum and me have also a side-project where we will realize very depressive black metal.
All this songs will be downloadable or you can order a tape for the postage costs.

16. Thank you for answering these questions, keep the black metal spiritup!
Any final words?

These was the best interview so far!
Hail to the Estonian black metal underground and we would be proud to play sometime a show there!