Our brom filled lungs sing songs of your decay.
A prayer for your demise! A prayer for your demise!

For the glory of none. For the demise of everything!

Hatred without compromise!
A eulogy for total death!
I throw the ashes of dead empires,
in your disgraceful face.
Oppression of authoritarians
Sic semper tyrannis!

Stabbing you in the back, until your bereaved grief!
As long as I breath you shall suffer! Suffer!

In this genocidal meditation I collect your skulls.
Arsenic disciplines only will beget by venomous minds.
A prayer for your demise! A prayer for your demise!

From all that dwell below the skies,
Let songs of distress and hate arise!
Let war, cruelty and disbelief be sung,
through every land, by every tongue.

A prayer for your demise! A prayer for your demise!



Jede Morgenröte ist ein Gang an den Galgen.
Jeder Augenaufschlag eine Begräbnisprozession
Ein jeder Brief ein Totenschein
Bleiche Momentaufnahmen, mit Blei gemalte Gedanken.

Wo einst ein unbarmherzig Herz
Schlag mit Schlag vergolten hat,
lauert nun eine gefräßige Flamme,
die frisst und frisst doch wird nie satt.
Ein Archetyp der Selbstzerstörung.
Erfüllend die Pflicht zum Leid.
Tristesse stets der treueste Begleiter.
So fern möcht ich dieser Hülle sein.

Im Funkenflug reisen wir der Zeit hinterher,
verglühen unsere Fragen an den Schnitter.
Milchglaskonversationen, entfärbt, eingegraut.
Und auch das letzte Licht verliert sich in mir.

Der Herbst schlich sich in unsre Lungen.
Im Innern der Schädelplatten kratzen scharfe Klingen.
Verwundete Gemälde, verwüstete Poesie.
Ich verweile hier, im endlosen Raum zwischen den Worten.



Let me carry you to the horizon.
Here I hand you over to the wind.
Where you leave us behind,and your next journey begins.
Forever to stay in our wolfpack.
Forever to be sung in our hymns.
Forever to drink from the blood of the restless and wild.
Until our burning end begins!

A life lived as a constant explosion, can only end in fire!
We spill the fury blood of the horned, for the ones we admire.

You won't find us yearning at your funeral.
Your tombstone is in my chest.

We salt the wounds, enjoy our pain,
and burn them out with glowing steel.
This covenant stands longer than flesh,
imploding stars shall witness this seal.

we fiercly celebrate the deathcult
and spit into the face of the living.
Howling your name into the darkness,
here where might and iron grows.

The flames embrace your shell.
For the last time to shine.
From what emerges into the nightsky,
we build a everlasting shrine.
From the stars we once came all.
And few will return to our origin.
Burning hearts live from stellar sparks,
we crafted in us. Born from the sin.

Let me carry you to the horizon.
Here I hand you over to the wind.
Where you leave us behind,
and your next journey begins.
Forever to stay in our wolfpack.
Forever to be sung in our hymns.
Forever to drink from the blood of the restless and wild.
Until our burning end begins!



When thousand hearts beat as one,
we are the pulse of synchronization.
Fever and climax of ecstasy.
Stimulus of cleansing and intoxication.
Flutes of bones proclaiming,
the hymns of our armageddon.
Oscillation energies pile up.
The morbid gospel of the outcast son.

Unleashing a storm of sheer terror.
Disruptive winds of all engulfing horror.
Madness corrodes long conditioned manners.
And catharsis breaths through exploding bodies.

These are our prayers!

Lucifer silences for the masses.
But here he speaks!
Become a prism of unknown darkness.
Read in his eyes what the Faustian seeks.
Black in all its manifestations.
An abyss starring into your spirit.

When thousand hearts beat as one
When thousand hearts devour the sun

You're standing in the temple of ours!
These are our prayers.
Supramundane doomsayers.

When darkness has vanished,
you are imprisoned with yourself.
Within light all magic dies!
Within light all magic dies!

When thousand hearts beat as one
When thousand hearts beat as one



Die Schönheit von Neutronenbomben, welche sich in deine Augen fressen.
Verendende Zellmembranen des kohlenstoffbasierten Abschaums.
So oft schon die Grabesmärsche angeführt.
Doch nie ist es der Gräber nie genug,
bis das Innerste von Ruhe zerfressen.

Die Ästhetik entstellt, verkrüppelter Kinderleichen.

Jeder Moment gleicht der Sekunde vor dem Tode.
Das Grollen der Eruption vermischt sich mit dem Todesschrei von Milliarden.

Mit Urnen in den Händen stehst Du an den Klippen.
Langsam versiegt die Wärme auf den Leichenbergen.
Ihr seid nur Futter für die Flammen.
Ihr seid nur Futter für die Flammen.
Kadavergenerationen atmen ihren Todeshauch.
Mein Blick einäschernd, kälter als Permafrost.

Empfangt was Ihr gesät. Atmet Asche!

Was die keifende Lava nicht wild gefressen,
wird nun vom Ascheregen stumm bedeckt.
Atmet Asche! Atmet Asche!
Erstickt am Weltenende! Atmet Asche!



Has Bathorys venom raised the dead?
The hellhammer deathcrushed the deathlike silence.
A bestial devastation shall torment their sarcophagus!
Total death shall be their mercyful fate!

You're digging from the past, without celebrating the roots of the cult.
Not worthy to enter this temple!

Your creation, the 14th candle!
Just another blaze in the northern sky!

Black horizons trample your grayscale cripples,
lullabies of unblack non-metal!

Born from the deepest crypts of hatred, perversion and horror.
A self-created sanctuary of outcasts.
Where pestilence breeds and wisdom reaches the sky,
a frozen desert and landscape of fire.
Where darkness enlightens undiscovered spheres,
chaos and order, devotion and rebellion,
intolerance and vision to discover worlds beyond,
the realm of controversy.

No place for you!

A wolfpack under the banner of misanthropy.
Where followers evolved into leaders.
Self-empowered prophets, of a luciferian eclipse.

No place for you!



Black lungs invoke, the lords of Doom.
White eyes call, the winds of chaos.
Black holes starring, out of your mind,
with stardust in our veins.

Free me from this human flesh.
Pupils explode in a last glimpse of a shaft.
Blistering skin transforms into flying sparks.

Lift your flame-ravaged form, from the mire.
And emerge even more, a figure of abject horror than before.
Exposing the dry bones beneath.

A downward spiral transcending into,
an Eruption of consuming fire.
Where the ashes of bones lie,
our burning hearts shall rise.
Observed through the eye of a dead star.
And we will rise, through dead eyes!

Let fall, passing Darvaza.
Freezing, bursting in freedom.
Relief, breathing in vacuum.
The outcast is coming home.

Here I am the living temple.
Surrounded by cosmic graves.
Where dying suns wheeze,
and black holes freeze.

Supernovae emerging from the lungs.
Black transmutes into darker spheres.
Dissected by waves of cosmic antimatter.
My fog a key into the unspeakable.
Putrefaction of the ego.
Emerging into a shadow - the destroyer of horizons


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