Des Winters Weiße Reinheit-review from september 2005 Shadowlands Mag

The german two man project Krater was found in the end of 2003 and is presenting their first self producted album "Stolz schürt uns're Kraft".
And this album kicks ass!
Eight tracks of old school black metal, which wasn't only propper produced but also has to offer lyrically a lot. (Unfortunately only german poemic lyric.)
Row guitars and parts of melancholic melodies are providing a dark and cold atmosphere, which preserve the spirit of black metal for real!! The way of abyssic screaming didn't convince me for 100%, because it seems to be kinda breathless from time to time, but doesn't reduce the effect of the album at any time.
The style of Krater is almost completely without speed and "Stolz schürt uns're Kraft" is done with a unity rhythm and in this case something different.
Layout and artwork of this cd are plain, but -because of that- easy to regonice. Six songs were printed and the booklet contains also one photo of each bandmember, including contactaddress.
Anyway, this album is limited to only 300 copies (so don't hesitate!) and offers as a special to the first 50 a limited Krater button.
Who wants to listen to honest black metal has to buy that album!
Krater is enriching for our scene and hopefully we'll get to hear more from Abortio and Absum.

7 of 10 points