Sturm In Die Anderswelt-Review from January 2006

After a quite long deferment, Krater and Silberbach engineered the release of their long awaited Split EP.
The label who is responsible for this recording is no one else than Christhunt Productions.
With abiding latency the curiosity of what you get on this new 7” crease is constantly growing bigger and bigger.
The most of you might know Krater through the “Des Winters weiße Reihheit”-Tape, which came across with very positive reactions.
What they began on this opus, is continued in perfection with “Sturm in die Anderswelt”:

Nine minutes of pure coldness, thundering double-bass, aggressiveness and a melody-richness, which some bands don’t even got on a full-length-release!
So much alternation in one single song is not often to find. Even if the electronic key-aider contributes to the atmosphere, it also shouldn’t detain trueness-fetishists to buy this entity or at least– if it is anyhow possible – to hear it before the acquisition.
Raw, boisterous and invidious the colleagues of side B get their flame-manifesto started. Anyhow there are wonderful melody-bows, which give you the feeling, that Silberbach celebrate their music with love to perfection and pureness. Powerful and full of hate, everything what seems to be christian is lumbered down in these two songs.
All things considered the bargain of this EP is profitable to 100%. And what’s the odds? You pay 5.50 and this piece of great music is yours. So who doesn’t get his chance, well that’s your problem, I promise you will regret it. Because 500 exemplars could not be unsold for long time, above all if the material is so high-grade.