The new T-Shirt of KRATER is now available in size XL, L, M, S.
Limited to 114pieces.
High quality print on heavy 185g/m² cotton.

Shipping including postage:
15Euro Germany
18Euro Europe
22Euro World

Place your order at Abortio@gmx.de with the size and your address.
You will get the ways of payment in the answer.

Krater played as replace for Elite on the Fireblade Force Festival 2008.


Geist, Krater, Todeskult, Annihilation666
02.02.2008 - From Hell, Erfurt/Bindersleben

Meanwhile we're working at a Split-EP with Lathspell from Finland. The recording will start in January.


Krater are confirmed for the Fireblade Force Festival(12.-13.October 2007) with:
Setherial, Inquisition, Corpus Christii, Morrigan, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Sear Bliss, Asmodeus, Caedes, Creature, Genocide, Thorngoth, Fatal Embrace, Varg, Reign in Blood

Uni, Lichtenstein/Saxonia/Germany
Presale: 25Euro | Door: 29Euro | Fr: 14Euro | Sa: 17Euro
Tickets are limited to 444Stk.


The first Krater-T-Shirt will be released trough Atrum Toringi on June the 25.
Limited to 50 pieces.
Available in L and XL for 14Euro(plus postage), with a button for free.
Preorder per Mail directly from the band, or trough Atrum Toringi(Non-Salvation).


After a delay the Debut-album, "Das Relikt des Triumphes", is available now on Digi-CD.
Germany 10Euro / Europe 12Euro(15Dollar) / World 13Euro(16Dollar)
postage paid


The Debut-album, "Das Relikt des Triumphes"(the relic of triumph), will be released in 3 weeks, the end of December 2006, as a Digipack.


Krater are in the studio to record the upcoming debut-album "Das Relikt des Triumphes"(the relic of triumph). Releasedate: December 2006.

New Liveceremony: 01.September 2006 Nocturnal Empire Festival/Erfurt-Bischleben/Germany. Runningorder Friday: Pestis, Infaust, Fiend, Krater, Abusiveness, Andras


The booking-agency once again had to cancel the concert in Erfurt 20.05.06. The Police-authority is responsible for that! But in september 2006 we will play for sure in Erfurt without any influences of the police force.


Total-Underground-War: 20.05.2006 AmRosenberg/Erfurt/Germany with Krater, Gräfenstein, Pestis

The first Krater CDemo and the 2nd Demo are sold out!
In the link-section you find mailorders where you can order the last unique copies.


Pictures from the secret concert are here


The concert from 25.03.2006 will not take place in Magdeburg!
A new club is already confirmed!


New Krater-liveceremony: 25.03.2006 Sackfabrik/Magdeburg/Germany with KSM, Vitsaus, Holmgang, Mörkriket


New livedate: 20.01.06 in Asgard/Annaberg-Buchholz/Germany with Krater, Obtest, Andras, Ater Tenebrae and Witchcraft


The Krater / Silberbach Split-EP is finally available!


Pictures from the concert in Regensburg.
Krater are featured in the new Pure Holocaust#2 Magazine (Interview + Track on the Sampler)


Within 2 weeks the Krater/Silberbach Split-EP will be released through Christhunt Prod. limitied to 500pieces.

New livedates: 11.11. in Regensburg/Germany and 12.11. in Munich/Germany with Blodsrit, The Stone, Caedes and Total Hate


The new Demo "Des Winters Weiße Reinheit" was sold out within 2 weeks so there will be a second issue limited to 96pieces which will not include the B-Side.


The new Demo "Des Winters weiße Reinheit" will be released on 13.06.2005.
The MC is limited to 55pieces. It will contain 3new Studiotracks, 1Liverecording und 4Rehearsaltracks.

Krater is on the Sampler "Warriors of the Midnight Battle" with Bands like Aaskereia, Frost and Mortal Intention.

3 new pictures from the concert with Nachtfalke.


A new Review from the Shadowlands Mag and a Interview from Estmetal were added.
At the moment we are recording 3 new tracks for the upcoming new Demo "Des Winters weiße Reinheit"


The first Pictures from the concert with Nachtfalke.


The work for the upcoming CDemo "Stolz schürt uns're Kraft" is done.


The official Homepage of KRATER www.bastion-krater.de or www.abstrusekrater.de